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The move from successful bid to “doing some Transforming”

As someone who is new to bidding for (JISC or any other University related) funding this is a particularly interesting stage of the process.  The bid documents have been completed, confirmation of success has been received, and the due date for the start of the project has arrived.

So what happens now…?

It was useful to get a meeting last week with Rob Bristow, Programme Manager for Transformations.  As everything has been done via email so far, it has all seemed a little abstract – to get a face to face meeting is re-assuring, allowing you to ask the question “What exactly do I need to do to make JISC happy?

This project is really about providing a focus for the development of the University’s approach to RDM, and co-ordinating some of the various parts of the University that already have a stake in aspects of what can to a lesser o greater extent be regarded as “RDM” – given that it is such a broad area is it feasible to expect everything to be in one place?

The main thing to report thus far is that we have successfully managed to tie in this project with the existing University “Research Computing Management Group” – pretty much an essential step here to move the project away from the realms of the theoretical.  As a result the last two meetings of the group have pretty much been dedicated to broad consideration of the development of RDM here.  Within this the much debated, EPSRC demanded “Research Data Roadmap” has been generated and approved, and this particular project has been recognised as providing impetus towards RDM development.

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This is the blog for the University of Leicester JISC Transformations project “University of Leicester RDM Support Service: RDM@UoL”.  In the next few days I will write some information about what the project is about. I will attempt to make it informative, interesting and stimulating… but can’t promise.

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