Happy to announce the arrival of an RDM Leaflet

Further to previous posts, priorities and deadlines in the project have been changed somewhat due to the Research Computing Management Group here at the University taking a keen interest in making rapid RDM progress.

A first deliverable to be delivered is a University of Leicester RDM leaflet. Sounds trivial when you write it.  In reality it has been an interesting exercise as it has been produced by a small group including people from IT Services, Library, Academic Practice Unit and Research Support Office.  What exactly to say in such a small document was a challenge.  In the end we decided upon a question – “What would you do if you lost your research data tomorrow?” – and a challenge – to take a “research data health check”.

Visually we are pleased with the result – its not the easiest thing to make research data management an eye-catching thing. What we did was to define phases of the research cycle (like a number of the University RDM websites) and associate them with an image and a colour.

We are now starting to distribute the leaflets to researchers and research students and looking at how to measure impact.

The University of Leicester RDM leaflet can be found at www.le.ac.uk/researchdata.