I’ve been thinking recently about the range of issues I am dealing with through my job (bridging research and IT at University of Leicester), other projects I am involved with (IG lead for the BRISSKit project – https://www.brisskit.le.ac.uk/) alongside my general activity and the Transformations project. 

A focus of the Transformations work is the relatively rapid required progress from consideration of, and provision of advice, support and training around general RDM matters, to that which is discipline specific.

The fact that the University is concerned significantly with health (there being a College of Medicine, Biological Sciences and Psychology), that contacts I receive concern IT and data issues from this area, and given my own background of working in the NHS, I am thinking more about how RDM services and IT Services communicate with and support those areas of the University.

One of the things I need to manage is the scope of knowledge required to understand, support and provide input across a range of related areas:

  • Research Data Management (which is related to or could be seen to span, or influence, or require appropriate handling of…)
  • Information Governance
  • The Information Governance Toolkit (concerned with health data, projects, systems, information assets, and services – https://www.igt.connectingforhealth.nhs.uk/Home.aspx), and
  • Information Security Management

This I think reflects that we need to deal with questions at bid stage, through to projects in action, and specific data and IT challenges.  Often this means an understanding of the close and often complex relationship between the health and University domains.