A Resource, a resource, my kingdom for a resource (apologies to Shakespeare)

As dusk begins to fall on this Transformations project I have managed to spend a little time doing something that I would have really liked to have dedicated a lot more time too, a lot earlier – reviewing Jisc, Jisc related and other resources.  The purpose of this is to, a) examine the utility of Jisc resources, b) get a better idea of what is out there more generally which could be used directly or influence our own work, c) reflect on what we have used thus far (and as so much has been done over the last year I have trouble remembering, particularly the many resources we have signposted on our RDM website).

It seems obvious really, that horizon scanning should be done early (and not just because I promised it in the project bid) but on reflection now I am realising how much more would ideally have been done.  Equally so much is happening in the world of RDM that it is a real effort to keep up an on-going vigil, monitoring developments, project reports, outputs, conferences etc.  It emphasises both the need for effective, multiple channels of communication (and networks of contacts), and the realisation that monitoring developments and evaluating resources is a constant requirement.

So… does anyone else often finding themselves thinking/saying “Ah yes, I think I remember someone has done something about this and I was looking at it somewhere”?

Equally the challenge that this deluge of information and of potentially valuable resource places on me and people like me needs to be in mind when we expect researchers to be hooked by and ingest RDM related information.  There are real issues here about what is manageable, what information needs to be communicated, how and when for best effect.  This is one of the reasons I am thinking the use of Digital Storytelling could be useful within RDM to provide an immediate, interesting, short burst of information.

The land of 1,000 Resources (apologies to Pickett)

In the context of the above I was sent a spread sheet earlier in the project showing the Jisc resources which exist, could prove of use, and could be reviewed.  On this there were 177 resources of various types.

Things are also changing rapidly, most obviously because of the progress of the Jisc MRD projects, their completion and the releasing of output.  Looking at this, and continuing valuable and rewarding contact and collaboration with these projects is something I would very much like, and hope to prioritise hereon.

 So where am I now?

Although I haven’t done as much as I would have liked in the way of formal resource review to this point, it has nonetheless been a critical part of my work throughout the year, and hopefully will continue to be.  Most obviously this was the case when our RDM website was being constructed – a rapid job of searching for what resources and expertise exists.  I guess therefore our RDM website is actually really good evidence of our resource reviewing activity and showcasing what others have achieved.  In addition I have now also done more structured work, documenting,

  1.  Jisc resources already used (guidance, training, methodology, on-line tools etc.), how used and with what benefit.
  2. Specific Jisc Resources I have already looked at but need to review in more detail (currently there are 37).
  3. Jisc MRD programme outputs used.
  4. A catalogue of all Jisc MRD and related projects (their stated aims, outputs and outcomes) as a framework for on-going horizon scanning and detailed resource review.

 Thanks for reading.